Need a reason why you should buy all new TOTP? Easy peasy lemon squeezy…

1) Meghan Trainor
The girl’s only gone and got on our front cover. She’s fit, flirty and we want to be her friend.
2) Summer style
Our Lyds has been here there and everywhere (including Little Mix’s drawers) checking out all the latest trends that will help you look fashion fabulous!
3) Crazy comps
From vlogger tour tickets to stars signed belongings, we’ve got a whole heap of treats for you to get your mitts on!
4) Vloggers
We’ve gone a bit internet crazy this issue with a vlogger takeover. Looking out for amazing stuff with Zoella, Alfie Deyes, Jaspar, Marcus Butler and more!
5) Giant posters
Eight lots of StereoKicks boys and a beaut Joe Sugg staring at your face all day? Too much love, we can’t even.




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