Summer Lolz - Ever wondered what your fave celebs get up to on holiday? Check out their most embarrassing confessions and shocking summer stories! From T-Swift to Ariana Grande, you really want to check this out!

Little Mix - Our fave girl group has been lured under the magical spell of TOTP Mag and confess everything! Boyfriends, best friends and body odour, they spill all!

Fashion Fix - We’ve got 101 beauty and fashion buys for you to get your hands on! From bright statement pieces to monochrome looks, you’ll be spoilt for choice as you find something perfect for you.

Prizes - Fancy living like Zoella for the day? Or how about some some signed perfume from Little Mix? Pick up this month’s issue to find out how you can enter and be in with a chance of winning! Hoorah!

Bae’s - Check out what Connor Ball has to say in our Fit Files, test to see if your crush likes you and of course, have a little lookey what Zayn Malik has been up to since leaving 1D!


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