The brand new issue of TOTP Mag is out now and here’s who you need to know about:

1)    Girl power – Pop Princesses Taylor Swift and Rita Ora prove yet again why we heart them so much. You’ve gotta read it to believe it!

2)    Stars slip-ups – Yep, even the rich and famous suffer from awks moment, so naturally we’ve gone and shared them with you. Prepare to laugh, chuckle and scream when you see these dodgy pics.

3)    One Direction – The posters, the official column, Nialler, oh and tickets to see the boys in concert. Naturally.

4)    Animals – Koalas, giraffes, sharks and pigs. Who doesn’t love an animal? The stars sure do!

5)    Vlogger love – Not only have we got a giant poster of Zoella and Tanya Burr, we’ve got a heap of makeup tips and tricks from the glam girls too – call it our gift to you.





Free Gift


Union J tell you why you need to grab a copy of the latest issue!

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