Aaah, the Great British weather. How we love you so. Come rain or shine, TOTP mag is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and this month is no different.

This August sees not one, but three luscious lads grace our cover. We talk ducks, dogs and chicken with the brilliant Joey Essex and have a catch up with the lovely Union J. We also bring you a special mini 5SOS mag for you to feast your eyes on, reveal all the Xtra Factor goss (admit it, you’re dying to know) and show you 6 genius fixes when having a hair ‘mare.

We also have the full run down of what happened with Zerrie at Perrie’s birthday bash. Sort of. Oh and we’ve also giving you two giant posters of 1D and 5SOS to stick on your wall, some fab comps and a cute fruit nail art set – all for free!

It’s all in the new issue of Top of the Pops magazine. Go on, knock yourselves out.





Free Gift

Three gorgeous scented glosses!

Union J tell you why you need to grab a copy of the latest issue!

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