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Who’s ready for the latest Team Internet goss? #pickme!
In the new issue we talk to Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee about their american adventures, help you discover your inner Sugg side and find out if KSI really is a nice guy. Zayn, Taylor, Justin (and so many more) have given us their top tips on how to deal with the haters and of course we’re sharing them with you. We also got the meter stick out to see how these guys really measure up (spoiler alert: Zoella and the Queen have more in common than you think!). Our fashion pages are filled with winter beauty trends and sassy sports wear fashion from The Next Step. As if things couldn’t get even better, there’s an awesome Strictly game ready for you to play this Saturday night too.
Have a flick through the mag and you’ll find our fab Pokémon and Harry Potter comps. Like, who isn’t on that hype right now? And buddy beauty bloggers need to check out out this issue’s big beauty win!
Two words: totes amaze!



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Union J tell you why you need to grab a copy of the latest issue!

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