One Direction are pretty darn special and with a brand spanking new album just around the pop corner *jumps up and down with excitement* we’ve dedicated this months issue to the fit five. Not only is there a special mini mag, there are tons of 1D-erful prizes you could win, including signed books and annuals. (Yes, the boys have actually touched them).

Forget the long dark nights (seriously rain, do one), we’ve packed the issue with a ton of other hot stars to send you off on your sweet dreams.

First up, we have a gossip with Grimmy, who lets us in on all we need to know about the Radio 1 Teen Awards. Next we chat to the Corrie girls and get them to dish the dirt on each other. The Union J lads get emoji-nal when faced with our texty questions and we say hello to pops newest star Meghan Trainor. After all that, it’s time to test your knowledge on all things Strictly with our mammoth Bingo lingo game!

Not forgetting we’ve got all the behind the scenes secrets from The Vamps music video, tons of top pop goss, the latest fashion and beauty buys and perfect posters to pin on your wall – including two giant pics of 5SOS. Blimey, it’s enough to keep you going all month long.




Free Gift

Three gorgeous scented glosses!

Union J tell you why you need to grab a copy of the latest issue!

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